There is simply nothing like an autumn in New England.  The cooler days bring crisp mornings, sweaters, a cozy fireplace, and a the amazing display of the trees turning fall colors.   The hillsides are like a bright quilt of trees displaying all shades of gold, orange, and red.   The evergreens provide a solid backing of green which only serves to highlight the top of color.    Meredith, New Hampshire was where we landed for this particular quilt show.

American Mountain Ash in Meredith

American Mountain Ash in Meredith

Just 108 miles north of Boston, Meredith sits on the western shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Founded in the 1740’s, Meredith has charming farmhouses, a very cute downtown, and has become home to 6,299 year round residents (of which 16.8% are over 65) but many more have summer or winter homes/condos in the community.   This year-round town draws watersports in the summer and all things snow in the winter including ice fishing, pond hockey, skiing, snowboarding and dog sledding.  In the spring you will find hikers, flowers and gardens.   In the fall – the tourists flock to the area to see the fall colors.   This prosperity has made Meredith a popular town for a mountain/lake second home.

The Calendar of Events for Meredith includes an area motorcycle rally in mid-June, an antique car show in July, Farmer’s Markets, and a huge Harvest Festival in the fall.   The Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad takes daily tours down to Weirs Beach and Laconia.   The local Community Theatre has plays running all year long.  The town has a nice variety of antique stores and a fun winery that features mostly fruit wines – and a great welcoming dog to greet you at the door.  The huge lake ties all the communities together and many travel to events in other villages by boat.

We couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in Meredith and here’s what we found.

Climate: The weather ranges from an average low in January of 10.8 F and an average high in July of 81.   It also sees 78.8 inches of snow and 44 inches of rain.   There are 197 days of sunshine every year.

2 beds, 1.5 bath lakeview home for 229K on Redfin.

2 beds, 1.5 bath lakeview home for 229K on Redfin.

Housing:  The median price of a home in Meredith is $301K but we found this home on Redfin for $229K with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a block from the lake with water view, two decks and a garage!

Crime:   The violent crime rate is .48 (almost non-existent) compared to the rest of New Hampshire at 2.15 and the national median is 3.8.   Property crime is slightly higher than New Hampshire due to unoccupied vacation homes.

Taxes:   The state ranks the 7th lowest in the US of overall taxes with no income tax, no tax on retirement income, social security is not taxed and there is no sales tax.  No inheritance tax and no estate tax.  Really!   Where they get you is the property tax – they have to get it somewhere – and it is the 3rd highest in the nation!

Imagine sitting at the town dock on a fine summer day with friends, a concert and a fine glass of wine.   Meredith is a fine place to be.                                                              Photo By NNECAPA Photo Library via

Zoom in and out on the map below to see the area and attractions!