Lots of canker sores? Try switching your toothpaste.

Lots of canker sores? Try switching your toothpaste.

Did you know that your toothpaste might be the biggest reason you get so many canker sores? I have suffered from getting frequent canker sores my whole life. For me, I would get one almost once a month. As soon as one canker sore would heal, another would show up in its place. Just recently, I found out my toothpaste has been causing most of my problems.

An article written by Dr. Mark Burhenne told me my toothpaste may be the biggest reason I am getting all of these canker sores. You see, there is an ingredient in your toothpaste called SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Most major toothpaste manufacturers use SLS and it can cause mouth irritations that lead to sores in the mouth. SLS is a cleanser that foams up in your mouth when you brush your teeth. SLS is also found in engine degreasers. Not everyone has an adverse reaction to SLS, but there are many of us that do. After I switched my toothpaste to an non-SLS brand, my canker sores stopped showing up entirely.

SLSFree.net is a website dedicated to SLS free toothpastes where I did my research and found my new toothpaste. I ended up choosing Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste. I switched 4 months ago, and I have not had a single canker sore since then. The reason I chose Sensodyne is because my local grocery store carries that brand. There are other toothpastes that also have a good reputation, but I chose the convenience picking mine up locally.

If you are one of the many people who frequently get canker sores, you should consider switching your toothpaste as well. If you tried this and had good results, let us know in your comments below.

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