Learn Thai – How I am learning this beautiful language

Learn Thai – How I am learning this beautiful language

I am married to a wonderful Thai lady, and I couldn’t be happier. I thank my lucky stars my wife speaks excellent English. Before we were married, I traveled back and forth to Thailand every chance I could get to see her. I fell in love with Thailand, but my Thai speaking skills weren’t very good. Luckily, my wife is my interpreter whenever we go there. Now I have made it my mission to try to learn as much Thai as I can before we move back to Thailand to retire. Thankfully there are many options for me to learn Thai while living here in the US, and here is what I have found.

Download a Thai language app on your phone

Learn ThaiI’ve tried lots of Thai language apps on my Android phone, and my favorite so far is an app called “Learn Thai – Phrasebook”. It can be found here on the Google Play store. If you are using an IPhone, their app can be found here on Itunes. I like this app because it reminds me of the old flash cards that I used to use when I was taking Spanish in high school. Except these flash cards are now on my phone. Since I carry my phone is with me wherever I go, I try to memorize one Thai phrase each day. Once every couple of hours I glance at the app, and try to memorize the next phrase on the list. It’s a little hard at first, but after a few weeks, the memorization gets easier. My Thai wife really likes the app too, because I am trying to insert what I have learned into our every day conversation.

If you don’t have a Thai wife to practice with, don’t worry. Before my wife moved to be here with me, I practiced my Thai with one of the waitresses at the our local Thai restaurant. I would try to order my meal while speaking in Thai. 

How I use the Learn Thai Language App

I look at the Learn Thai Phrasebook app every single day, several times a day. It only takes a couple of minutes each time I use it. I started with the General Conversation section, and I am working my way down the list from there. The General Conversation section is a good place for me to start, because I can use each phrase every day when talking to my Thai wife. See the screenshots below on how it works:

Learn Thai 2


Learn Thai 3

Different Versions (Free and Pro)

I tried the free version of the app first. If you are looking to learn Thai, I would start there – with the free version. I liked the app so much I ended up buying the Pro version, because it has more phrases for me to practice. The android link for the Learn Thai Phrasebook Pro can be found here. It costs less than 5 bucks, and it’s worth it to me.
















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