It’s time to end

America’s health insurance scam

and embrace Single Payer

It works everywhere else in the world

It can work here too.

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Gary is the web designer at Retirebook. He loves his wife and his dog, and he loves everything about Thailand.

Imagine paying $500 a month to a health insurance company, and having the insurance company fail to pay your medical bills until you meet your $2,000 yearly deductible. This is what’s happening to America today and it will continue until we have single payer health care. This is a scam we can live without.

Now imagine your insurance rates increasing every year.

Just about every other country in the world uses single payer health care. People in other countries pay no deductibles. The patients in Canada or the UK don’t have to worry about medical bills whenever they see a doctor. They pay more money in taxes than we do, but they don’t pay insurance premiums, and they get really good free health care in return.

We in America pay really high insurance premiums, and we still have high medical bills. The insurance companies are the middle men, the middle men want to make a profit.


Insurance Companies VS Single Payer Health Care

What services do the health insurance companies provide? Do they take your temperature when you get a fever? Do they mend a broken arm? No – they are simply a middle man who pays the hospitals.

Other governments in the world act in the patient’s behalf and take place of the insurance company. They pay the hospitals directly without skimming a profit. They also keep the cost of prescription drugs down.

In other countries, people don’t worry about paying to see a doctor. They don’t worry about getting sick and losing their hard earned money. They don’t have insurance companies acting as a middle man.

It’s not your hospital’s fault

I work at a hospital. The hospital’s profits, if any, are very small. Most of the people who work in a hospital care more about your health than they care about profits. Believe me, if the hospitals negotiated their services with the government instead of a private insurance company – like how they get paid by Medicare – they would still keep their doors open. All of the scary talk you hear about hospitals shutting down just isn’t true. The middle men making the profits from your hospital visit are the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies. The hospital hardly sees any profit from your visit.

Photo via Pixabay

A list countries that have a successful

 universal or single payer health care system

(It’s a big list)













Hong Kong









New Zealand





South Korea




United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

Our insurance rates are increasing every year

My wife has to pay for her own insurance. She is young, healthy, and can run a mile in about 8 minutes. Last year we paid $300 a month for her health insurance. We just got a letter from our insurance company telling us they are raising our rates to almost $500 a month. And we still have a $2,000 a year deductible. This happens year after year, and it is not sustainable.


The time for Single Payer Health care is now

High insurance rates affect every American. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a middle class American issue. If you are lucky enough to have an employer provide health insurance, then the high rates affects your employer. Most employers would embrace a single payer health care system. Their employees could see a doctor more often, and not be as sick.

How many times will the insurance companies raise their rates before we finally decide to embrace single payer health care?

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