As a child, camping in Southern California was a way of life.  Dad usually had a tent, camper or trailer, or some such people-sleeper and always a boat.  We’d go to one of the bays in San Diego to water ski, fish, or just go boating to see what we could see.  Being a kid, I did kid stuff.  Mom was stuck with the every day chores that were not left at home.  She would slave away at preparing all our meals be it cereal, peanut butter and jelly, or hot dogs. And the endless clean up.  Poor Mom.  Ugh, I thought as a teen, I’m never going camping.  

The cartoon character Garfield once said, “My idea of roughing it is a Holiday Inn with a black and white TV”.  I concur, and for years bowed out of the activity – quoting Garfield. Luckily, my kids were never really interested in camping. My dad would occasionally take them in his RV up to the mountains in summer but I think it bored them to tears. They always seemed so glad to get home.

Barbs RV 4

Our New RV with Two Slides, Microwave, Big Refrigerator, Shower, Generator, etc. This is NOT Camping!

But now as a senior. I’m re-thinking my stand on camping. Mind you, the Garfield quote still stands, but RVing is different. How can camping be compared to a comfortable motorhome with everything but a dishwasher and washer/dryer unit?

Those things are obtainable too, but not yet for us. We have had our RV over a year now and I’m looking forward to packing up with non-essentials of books, magazines, paints/brushes/paper for my watercolor endeavor. Essentials are already in the unit and stay until the next adventure. Clean up is easy with only the two of us pitching in. Dinners some nights consist of shrimp, cheese, crackers, wine and chocolate.   Life is actually simpler than at home. 

This is not camping.

Ed Note:    Camping on the beach in Mexico is fun, if you are a kid!