How fix your foot pain and Plantar Fasciitis

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by Gary | March 3, 2019 

Photo from WerbeFabrik at Pixabay

If you are like me, and have plantar fasciitis, then you have my sympathy. You simply want that pain to go away. The good news is plantar fasciitis is usually self treatable.

A  couple of years ago the heal and the arches of my feet started getting really sore. I mean – like crazy sore. I tried new shoes, foot messages, stretching exercises, soaking my feet – and my pain just wouldn’t go away. Today, I still have Plantar Fasciitis, but I easily control it with arch supports. It works wonders.

I am an avid hiker. I love to go on long walks in the countryside with my wife and our dog. I am determined to not let my Plantar Fasciitis stop me from doing what I love. Even though I have Plantar Fasciitis, I still get out and go walking and hiking every day.

Before we get started, I want you to know I am not a doctor. As with any foot pain, please see a doctor for professional and safe care. The purpose of this article is to show you what helped me with my plantar fasciitis, and hopefully that might work for you too.

The secret to my success is wearing the proper arch supports. Luckily, for me, my arch supports hardly cost very much money. I found an over-the-counter pair of supports that work well for me. Unfortunately, this means I can’t just buy any pair of shoes and expect my arch supports to fit properly. I need a pair of shoes that allow me to remove the arch supports, so I can replace them with my own arch supports. Most of the cheap shoes I found have their supports sewn into the shoe. Those shoes are not ideal for adding your own arch supports. My favorite hiking shoes that fit well with my supports are made by Merril and they are awesome.

The supports I use are called Superfeet. You can find them in just about any reputable sporting goods store like Dicks or REI. These sporting goods stores have a measuring device to help you determine how high your supports should be. They are really good quality, and cost betweeen 40 and 50 dollars. I like them so much, I bought supports for each pair of shoes that I own. The supports last a really long time. I have had my supports for over a year now, and it looks like they will easily last another year or two.


Plantar Fasciitis in a nutshell

Plantar fasciitis is a pain in the heel of your foot, and is probably one of the most common sources of pain. The plantar fascia is the ligament that connects your toes to your heel bone. Whenever this ligament is strained it becomes inflamed and irritated, and it causes a pain in the heel of your foot. This usually happens to people between the ages of 40-70 and usually in just one foot at a time.

The good news about plantar fasciitis – you can usually fix this issue yourself using a good stretching routine and proper arch supports.