How I fixed my slow WiFi for my smart TV

How I fixed my slow WiFi for my smart TV

Move your router to a better location

You can easily fix your slow WiFi by moving your wireless router to a better location inside your home or apartment. Just a few months ago, my roommates were having trouble wirelessly streaming movies on their smart TV. Their picture would sometimes freeze on the TV and then buffer with a spinning hourglass. Our wireless router was in the next room, but the TV was obviously having issues getting a signal. On a whim, I moved the wireless router just a few feet – outside the same room – where the smart TV had a clear line of sight to the router. I also moved the router up off of the floor and on top of a small table. Both of these moves made a huge improvement for my roommates. The TV picture never froze again and the spinning hourglass went away.

Walls can have a huge effect on your wireless connection. The fewer the walls between your router and your TV the better. Taking your router off of the floor and placing it on a table also makes a huge difference. Wireless signals travel in all directions from your WiFi router, and having your router centrally located off of the floor in a clean view of sight to your TV is optimum. This doesn’t mean the router should be on the same table, just inches from the TV. The TV’s electronics actually interfere with your wireless signal. Try to keep your router in the same room as your TV, but not sitting so close to cause electrical interference. Our router sits about 20 feet away from the TV, but in direct sight. We can stream HD movies from Amazon Prime with this setup easily.

Wireless Router Move For Smart TV-Stairway

Other things you might try – upgrade your WiFi router to AC

If you have tried moving your router to a new location, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your router. My old router was a Asus wireless N router and it was a few years old. My PCs were connecting just fine, but I was having connectivity issues with my older flat screen plasma TV. So I upgraded to a TP-Link wireless AC router that I read about on Wirecutter. I trust the Wirecutter website and their technical reviews are generally spot on, so upgrading my router was a really good decision. To get the most out of my new router, I had to make sure it was centrally located. I also had seen a huge boost in my PC wireless speeds after I purchased a matching AC adapter for my tower. For my PC, I installed an inexpensive Startech AC adapter on Amazon. Doing all of this, plus moving my router to a better location in the house, made all of my wireless issues go away.


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