Genetic Testing

Helping You Get the Right Medicine that's right for you

A quick swab of your cheeks can help you determine
which drugs works best for you
and which drugs you may want to avoid.

By Cheryl | December 18, 2018 

Image by Pixabay

How many times have you heard your doctor say “Let’s try this drug and if you don’t see improvement, call the office for another appointment”? What if you could get it right the first time? How will your body react to this new foreign substance – will it even work? Now, genetic testing can tell you which drugs to avoid, how your body will react to this strain of drug, and provide a list of recommended alternatives based on your genetic profile.

My husband and I recently obtained the  Rxight Genetic Test kits from MD Labs based in Reno Nevada. We swabbed the inside of our cheeks and sent the test back to the lab along with a list of our current medications. After about a week, I received an email stating that the tests were complete. We made an appointment with their pharmacist to discuss the findings. The Pharmacist linked our computers so we could both look at the pages at the same time. She explained the process in lay terms and went through the drug classifications while explaining very clearly what we were viewing.

My Findings:

The report listed my current medications and there were no issues with using any of them. Next we reviewed how my body would react to several classifications of other drugs I might need in the future such as blood pressure medication, diabetic therapy, antidepressants, pain medications, etc. For example, I should not take warfarin, a common generic drug used for blood thinning as I would not metabolize it well. Several other blood thinners were listed in the recommended column. Wow! Who knew?!

My Husband’s Findings

My husband’s findings, on the other hand were a whole different story. He has dozens of drugs that would either have no effect or an adverse effect on his system! Some of those drugs could have life threatening side effects! One big thing that stood out is that he has to be very careful about pain control. He should never have Codeine or Vicodin, which are common drugs given after surgery or injury. (OK, OK, I apologize for calling him a baby after his shoulder surgery when he was whining about pain and taking “something” to keep it under control. It wasn’t working on him and he was going it alone! Ouch!)
This whole experience was a real eye opener for us and as a result, we are taking our genetic profile reports to our physician to keep in our medical records and will carry a copy with us when we see a specialist or use the Emergency Room. What a waste of time and money to guess about the wrong drugs, much less the risk of side effects in using them.

We think everyone should have this test done – even from infancy. Your DNA does not change during your lifetime so this is a one-time only testing. Even as new drugs come along, our doctor can call the lab with our test number and find some answers.

For more information, go to the website    “The Right Medication. Right From The Start.”