Not enough time in the day to workout? Think again! New scientific studies show that it’s more beneficial to have a short “high intensity” workout than it is to run for an hour. How short of time do you ask? How about 7 minutes! And the good folks at the New York Times have even created an app that makes it easy and fun to accomplish your 7 minute fitness goal. You can get in great shape with the new 7 minute workout app on your phone.

What equipment you need:
You won’t need much at all. Just your smart phone, a chair, and a wall.

What kinds of exercises:
There are a total of 12 exercises that use just your body weight. You could easily do each of these in the comfort of your own living room. Each exercise — squats, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. — is performed for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between.

How long does the workout last?
As the name suggests, this is a 7 minute workout. And if you are just starting out, this is plenty of time to feel a little burn in your muscles. I was a little sore in my legs and my triceps when I first started. Some suggest that once your body gets used to the workout, that you repeat the cycle again a second time, making it last 14 minutes. Of course, if you are new to working out, you should check with your doctor first to see if you are healthy enough for this exercise.

Is it hard?
Yes, it is a challenge. But each exercise only lasts for 30 seconds, so it’s not too bad. The most difficult exercise for me was the Triceps Dips. I’ve always been weak in that area of my body. This workout routine should have you breathing hard and feeling a little exhausted, but in 7 short minutes – you’re done.

How much does app cost?
Nothing! It’s free!

What we love the most about this workout
I travel a lot, and I always take my phone with me. I use this workout app anywhere I take my phone, and in 7 minutes, I can have a great workout. When I go to Thailand in three more weeks, I will be using this app in my hotel in the morning before I start my day.

Where do I get the app to download onto my phone?
For Android phones: use the Chrome browser to open this link. Then tap the “Menu” button, then “Add to Home Screen.” The app is then usable even if you don’t have an Internet connection.
For Apple phones:  Open this link. Tap the “Bookmark” button, then “Add to Home Screen.” The app is then usable even if you don’t have an Internet connection.
Don’t have a smart phone? Run it on your desktop computer by clicking here.

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