For $50, Delta Airlines lets you digitally monitor your pets while in flight

For $50, Delta Airlines lets you digitally monitor your pets while in flight

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For $50, Delta Airlines lets you digitally monitor your pets while in flight. Delta has just announced a wonderful new tracking device for passengers flying with their pets. This small device is attached to the pet’s carrier while they are brought into the cargo area by their owners. It acts much like a GPS, giving you the location of your pet while in flight, and also monitors the air temperature and lets you know if the pet’s carrier is right side up or not. As a person who loves his dog more than anything, this is a godsend for worried pet lovers such as myself.

If the temperature around the animal’s crate goes above 85 degrees, it will send an automatic alert to Delta’s call center. Delta will then send an alert to your cell phone. However, if you are on the plane with the dog, you will not receive the alert until after you land and are on the ground. If you think about it, your cell phone doesn’t work on a plane anyway, because it is in airplane mode. Travelers can even monitor their pets stats on a website.

These new pet trackers were built by a company called Sendum Wireless and they also were originally used to monitor donor organs as they are being transported between hospitals.

At the time this article was written, Delta has this device only available in 10 airports: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York – LaGuardia, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Tampa.

I commend Delta for taking this great step in taking care of some of our most precious cargo, our pets. This will give anxious pet owners the peace of mind knowing that their pets are not lost and are well taken care of during their flight. 

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