Enrich Your Life!

Which days are the happiest in our lives?   At Retirebook, we think the best days could easily be the days you are living right now.   A happy retirement is so much more than how much money you have.

Both my mom and grandparents kick-started their retirement by volunteering in their communities and making friends in the process.   I remember randomly calling my grandmother to come over for dinner.   She wasn’t sitting there waiting for someone to call, she was getting ready to go out with the friends she met at her volunteer job!  We took a raincheck.   I loved that about my grandmother.  She always had something fun to do.

We spoke to other retirees about what they do to stay happy, engaged, and active.    Here are some of their stories about how they found happiness in their golden years.


Live and Retire in Oaxaca Mexico

Live and Retire in Oaxaca Mexico Rich in history and culture, Oaxaca is a fascinating destination where you can appreciate ancient civilizations, colonial art and architecture and vibrant cultural traditions....

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Living longer, but not living better

We are now living longer than any other time in human history. Unfortunately, it’s not because we are making healthier choices. Our longer life spans are mostly due to advances in...

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Traveling with the dog

Traveling with the Dog in the RV

Over the last two years of being retired, we have learned a few things regarding traveling with the dog. Mostly “A tired dog is a good dog”. Before heading out...

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