Driving in France on the “White Roads”

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My Dutch friend, Anneke, and I volunteer at the local community theatre in northwest Washington.   After several years of hearing, "You have to come to Holland with me!" we decided…

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Retire in Huntsville, Alabama!

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Those who retire in Huntsville, Alabama will find it has a lot to offer.   It is located in the picturesque Tennessee Valley and has many historical districts.   Zillow says the…

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Retire in Vicksburg, Mississippi

If you haven't been to Vicksburg in awhile, it might be time to look again.   The whole downtown is undergoing a major transformation from boarded up buildings to a vibrant shopping…

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Retire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

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While Oak Hills may be considered 'high end' for Louisiana, if you are moving here from most anyplace else, the property is quite reasonable. The average home price ranges in the $250,000 range and rentals run about $1,000 a month.

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Retire in Comfort, Texas

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Now who wouldn't want to retire in Comfort, Texas?   About 50 miles northwest of San Antonio, Comfort sits nestled (comfortably!) in the hill country and is listed in the National…

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Retire in Midland, Texas

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While this area isn't for everyone, if you decide to retire in Midland, Texas it certainly has a lot to offer.   Situated in high desert, its not far from SE New…

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