Cambria California – Fine Coastal Living

Cambria California – Fine Coastal Living

We pulled into Cambria California on a foggy summer morning on a hunt for moonstones.   This stretch of the south coast was reported to have the translucent stones at the tide line.  The boardwalk – maybe a mile of wooden sidewalk above the beach was populated with people and dogs out for a morning walk.    We found two small stones in about a half hour and went in search of a cup of coffee.  

Moonstone Beach on a Cloudy Day
Moonstone Beach on a Cloudy Day

Cambria is a small place with grayed buildings and Monterey pine trees bent in half from the wind.  It seemed that all the stores along the main street were mom and pop operations, including a wine shop with nice selections of the grape as well as wine related gifts.  This is coastal wine country and there are no shortage of vineyards.   The bakery had those wonderful spicy cookies with the big chocolate drop on top and a blueberry scone that just fell apart.  Yum! The little town just oozes charm.

Located about 230 miles north of Los Angeles, Cambria sits right on the coastline and is not far from San Simeon and the famous Hearst Castle.  The name Cambria is the Latin name for Wales.   There are just over 6,000 people in the community and 31% are over the age of 65. 

Housing:    The median home price is #384,ooo.  If you want an ocean view, the price is considerably higher, but condo’s are less.  This very desirable area does not come cheap, so looking at nearby San Simeon or San Luis Obispo may be more in your price range. 

Charming Downtown Cambria
Charming Downtown Cambria

Crime:   The violent crime rate is 2.16 per 1,000 while the state averages 4.02 and the national average is 3.8.  

Cambria always has something going on.   You can tour lighthouses, watch a play, attend the wine festival, or

Moonstones Photo By Jarno via
Photo By Jarno via

just walk the beach.   Maybe you too will find your moonstone!

Zoom in and out on the map below to see Cambria and the local area.


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