Best Darn Breakfast Restaurant in Vancouver

Best Darn Breakfast Restaurant in Vancouver

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The best darn breakfast restaurant in Vancouver is without a doubt the Scoozi’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill. My girlfriend and I love this place. Scoozi’s is more than a restaurant, it’s an experience. And the experience starts with its owner and waiter Michael. As a matter of fact, I could easily dedicate this whole episode to Michael.

When you first walk in to the restaurant, you are greeted by smiling man who looks like he is dressed for a big Greek wedding, almost like he belongs in one of those old mafia movies. The place has decorated in deep red colors. There are leather chairs and benches. There are beautiful flowers. The ambiance is perfect, and when our food has been ordered, that’s when our waiter Micheal works his magic. He’s a great storyteller. He tells you his life story. How he came here in the 1960’s on a boat with only $40 in his pocket, and started working in the restaurant business as a waiter. He saved his money, and opened Scoozi’s many years ago, and just recently sold the place to his daughter. Now he comes here because he loves telling his stories and talking to people. He still has his thick Greek accent and the locals love him.

For breakfast, I usually have the Eggs Benedict. It’s the best Benedict I have ever tasted. My girlfriend, Nim has ordered French Toast and bacon. The serving sizes are really big, and the food is fantastic.

Nim's French Toast at Scoozis Vancouver

Another thumbs up at Scoozis in Vancouver

After a while, we couldn’t eat another bite (it was hard to stop). Michael gave us a tour of the building. He has a lot of pride in the restaurant he started. We walked over to the wine bar, and the place makes you feel like you are at home. It’s a place where you can relax amongst friends, and our Greek waiter Michael has made this a place we will never forget. 

When we left the restaurant, we walked down to Gastown and did some shopping. We stopped by a coffee shop, and the cashier asked us if we wanted to have some donuts with our coffee. We said no, we were still full from eating as Scoozi’s. The waitress’s eyes lit up as said “Did you get to meet the owner Michael? I love that man and his stories”. It looks like our waiter has made an impression on everyone in this wonderful city.


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