Best Darn Breakfast in Bellingham Washington

Best Darn Breakfast in Bellingham Washington

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I love a good breakfast, and I have been wanting to write a review about the Mt Bakery restaurant for quite a while. Hands down, I have to say that this place serves the best darn breakfast in Bellingham Washington.

I live about an hours drive away from Bellingham. About once every 2 or 3 months I make a special trip to Bellingham just for the breakfast. Why do I travel so far just for a good place to eat? Here’s my reasons why I love the Mt Bakery so much.

They Have the Best Food and Quite an Adventuresome Menu
The Mt Bakery menu selection is one of a kind. They have a dungeness crab benedict, and roasted duck crepes with a marmalade sauce, and so many other wonderfully unique items. I usually order whatever is the special of the day.You can also order a plain ham and cheese omelette, but I come for the specials!  Every time I come here I am excited to see what’s next.

Breakfast in Bellingham Washington - Roasted Duck Crepes!
This is the Special of the Day when we ate here – Roasted Duck Crepes. Just look at the colors!

They have the best service
The lines can get a little long if you don’t get here when they open. They are popular with the locals for a good reason, they really do have the best food. But their smiling waitresses are more than happy hand you a cup of coffee while you wait outside. I noticed that the waitresses know the locals by name. I think that is important too. When you eat at a place like this, it feels like home.

Location, Location, Location!
Bellingham is awesome. And the Mt Bakery is in the center of downtown Bellingham. There are so many cool shops, coffee houses nearby. Bellingham reminds me of the coolest parts of Portland Oregon, but on a smaller scale.

Across the street from the Mt Bakery is the famous Rocket Donuts
Across the street from the Mt Bakery is the famous Rocket Donuts

It’s on the way to Mt Baker
Not surprisingly, the Mt Bakery is named after Mt Baker. Mt Baker is a skiing, snowboarding, and hiking paradise. Also nearby is the Chuckanut Valley. I go up to Mt Baker every year to Artist Point for some amazing snowshoeing. 




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