California Highway 101 in the Winter

Photo by Cheryl, Editor

After driving up and down I-5 between Bellingham Washington and San Diego California dozens of times, after retirement we decided to take the 5th wheel on a ‘snowbird trip’ along the coast route following Hwy 1 or Hwy 101.   I mean, who wants to be in Washington in the winter?   We planned a 3 month trip using our campground memberships when we could, cutting the cost of an overnight stay from $30-$60+ a night down to $15.


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Washington….It’s so much more than rain!

When you think about Washington, most people think rain, Space Needle, coffee, rain, ferry boats, Pikes Place Market, and let’s not forget the rain! Locals know better. Although Seattle does have a lot of gray days, Seattle gets just 37 inches of precipitation per year, while NYC gets 49, Boston gets 42, Miami has 58 and parts of Hawaii get a whole lot more! The mountain peak in the Olympic Rainforest sees over 200 inches each year. What Washington does have is green green forests, 900 miles of waterway, 170 islands, mountains and farmland, the mighty Columbia River – and lots and lots of coffee!

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