7 Reasons Why I Still Love My Moto G5 Plus Budget Smartphone

I’ve had my phone for over a year,

and I still love it.


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I’ve had my Moto G5 Plus smart phone for over a year now, and it is still an awesome phone. It’s still plenty fast enough for what I need. 

If I am going to spend my good hard earned money on a smartphone, I want to feel I am getting a really good deal. The Moto G5 Plus is the perfect smartphone for those of us that are looking for getting bang for our buck.

If you are like me, I like to buy a phone once every two years – and flagship phones have gotten ridiculously expensive. Who wants to spend $700 to $1000 on a Pixel or an IPhone every two years? I just simply don’t have that kind of money. Especially when you can purchase an excellent budget smartphone for between $200-$300.

Simply the best smartphone for under $200

There are plenty of budget smartphones, but Motorola is leading the pack when it comes to phones under $200. And the Moto G5 Plus specs are very similar to what you might find in a flagship device. We’ve compared the phone to Samsung’s flagship phones, and honestly, there is very little difference unless you are into gaming.

Reason 1

The Price 

You can get a Moto G5 Plus for under $200 at Best Buy and Amazon. This price is one fifth of the price of a new IPhone. Yes – that’s right. I can buy 5 of these phones for the same price of a single IPhone.

Reason 2

It doesn’t feel like a budget smartphone

The Moto G5 Plus has a solid feel, a thin body, and is fast enough to zip through anything I can throw at it. We’ve done side by side speed test comparisons with other flagship phones and there’s hardly a difference. How many phones at this price can say that? It has all the features as a flagship phone at a budget price.

Reason 3

It comes with Nougat and automatically upgrades to Oreo

Two weeks ago, I received the Oreo update for my Moto G5 Plus. I now enjoy an even longer battery life.

And in a few years from now, when the newer OS’s come out, I will just simply buy another budget Moto phone to replace it at another great price.

Reason 4

The perfect size

The Moto G5 Plus comes with an impressive 5.2 inch display. It fits in my hand perfectly. It’s very thin (even with a screen protector) and fits in my pant’s pocket with room to spare. I’ve owned plenty of Phablet phones that were just too bulky, and this one is just right for me.

Smaller phones will typically have a longer battery life. This one is just right

Reason 5

Accurate fingerprint sensor and Moto features

I keep my phone locked at all times, and I love that I can easily unlock my G5 Plus quickly with my fingerprint. I also like that I can activate the flashlight by using Motorola’s chopping motion. You can also activate the camera by twisting your wrist. No more missed photo opportunities.

Reason 6

Long Battery Life 

The battery life of this phone is phenomenal. Many times, I have put my phone through some heavy use. I have Skyped with my family while in Thailand for hours and at the end of the day I still have plenty of battery life left. It absolutely blows away my all of my older smartphones.

Reason 7

I can use it on every carrier

The Moto G5 Plus works on all of the major phone carriers. I currently use Verizon and recently left the country and went to Thailand. I popped in a Thai sim card, and the phone automatically found the new carrier. No muss, no fuss.

Save your money

And never buy a top dollar flagship phone


Why spend $700 to $1,000 on a phone? You can buy a perfectly capable phone with the same specs for one fifth of the price. The Moto G series of mid-range phones are worth looking at.

We suggest you look at the comparisons and browse other sites for reviews. There are other top quality reviews at Android Authority that will steer you into a direction of finding the right phone for your budget.


Downsides to the Moto G5 Plus

 It should be noted that the only downside I see to the Moto G5 Plus is the selfie camera does not perform very well in low light situations. In normal light, it works like a champ.

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